ORTUS for Communication

Ortus4C helps companies with cutting-edge communication technologies to boost the opportunities in digital economy

Modular Design

Ortus4C is built on separated but integrated components.

Easy Integration

Ortus4C provides plug-and-play communication solutions.

Secure & Customized

Ortus4C offers secure and brandable channel management.
  • Live Chat
  • Video Conference
  • Intelligent Bot
  • Social Media


unique platform where all customer requests flowing in from multiple channels are managed in interactive and enriched ways.
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enterprise-grade and highly qualified communication solution for enriching internal collaboration and customer engagement by enabling online convenience and interaction.
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Benefits for all Industries

Customer Services:
"experience first"

Today‚ consumers expect a highly personalized service experience and become unsatisfied by getting lost within multiple service channels.
Ortus4C provides companies flexible and feature-rich interface creating platform to offer their customers a more engaging experience, resulting in increased satisfaction.

Health Care:
"anytime, anywhere"

Health care industry is under pressure since waiting times are getting longer and treatment costs are steadily increasing.
Ortus4C enables hospitals and clinics produce Telemedicine solutions to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance using communications technology.

Field Services:
"see what I see"

Any company managing field service operation heavily requires to reduce resolution times and increase operational effectiveness.
Ortus4C provides seamless communication and collaboration capabilities increase resolution times all without a second appointment or on-site support.

"remote expertising"

Digital technologies bring enormous potential to insurance industry to increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction togeter.
Ortus4C empowers insurance companies with video-expertising competence which results in time-to-resolution of damage claims.